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Summer in London

Last weekend was true summer.  I spent all day Saturday in a field at St Albans practicing Kung Fu in the sunshine (getting sunburnt- whoops!), and all Sunday with Greg in Regents Park listening to jazz and reading a great book.  I’m reading “The Horse Boy” by Rupert…  I highly recommend it- even though I haven’t finished yet!  It’s about a father who takes his autistic son on a journey through Mongolia on horseback to be healed by the shamans there.  It’s a true story and very eye-opening.

After the success of our online product launch a few weeks back, we sat down on Friday and planned out projects for the next 6 months.  And I am excited to say that we have lots of seminars and workshops planned over the coming months- especially in the UK. So keep an eye on your inbox for details of these over the coming month.
Perhaps the thing that is most exciting me at present though starts this Thursday.  I’m off to Paris –solo this time.  I have finally managed to sequester a few days out of the flow of the business to pull together my new book.  I’ll be there til next Tuesday sipping Veuve Clicquot, nibbling on yummy cheeses and generally pretending to write the book 😉  No really- if I don’t come back with it all ready to go I think I risk being sacked by Greg, so I will be finally pulling together all the pieces and creating the manuscript this weekend!
The book is all about the journey I went from a disenchanted, narrow-minded doctor to a millionaire business woman, with a lifestyle that I love!  And I’m spelling it out in easy steps that anyone can follow so that you don’t just dream your dreams but live them every day.
I’m being mentored through the book writing process by Darren Stephens- the marketing genius behind the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus phenomenon.  And his suggestion is to get feedback from you about what you think I should call the book.  So I put together this little survey and when you answer it you can go into the draw to win a free copy of the book when it comes out later this year.  I have 5 to give away- so get if you’ve got 30 seconds- go for it!
Click here to see my book titles and help me choose! (link will open in a new window)
This time next week I’ll be updating you with how it’s coming along- so come back to the blog then!


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The 7 Fundamental Laws of Lifestyle Design

Revealed: The 7 Fundamental Laws of Lifestyle Design.
Achieve more with less effort and accelerate your
path to freedom!

How I went from stressed-out doctor to a “to-die-for”
lifestyle and how you can do the same.


In this video, I talk about the 7 laws of Lifestyle Design. I have created a new video series, free to your inbox to take you through each of these laws and create the perfect lifestyle for you.

Click here to get your FREE video series


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Come cruising with me!

Right now is probably one of the most exciting times I have had for a while. I am to be seen roaming around London with a big smile on my face. Thanks for all the words of support for mu Kung Fu grading! I had it on Sunday and I think it went well. I’ll let you know if I passed as soon as I know I promise!

But that’s not the main reason I’m so chuffed.  It’s the thrill that comes with learning new stuff!  You see, I am working with my blogging mentors, Gideon Shalwick and Yaro Starak, to conduct my first online product launch.  You see we’re rebranding everything and so to celebrate we’re having the hugest event the public speaking field has ever seen online!  I can’t tell you too much about exactly what is happening on the Big Day- the 22nd of July- but trust me- you want to have your computer on that day!  My speaking colleagues are going to be WILD when they see what I’m up to! Heeheee!

One thing I can tell you about though is that right now I’m busily extracting every scrap of knowledge I have about taking a business from startup or solid to wild speaking success and putting it into the soon to be released “Presentation Profits Blueprint”.  This blueprint is going to be a must have, must own, must read for anyone who routinely speaks or is thinking about becoming a speaker. For a limited time only, it will be available for free download from Wednesday the 15th of July- so watch out for that!

What’s more many of our subscribers and friends have already gone and checked out the new blog we launched just yesterday- so thanks so much for all your comments and feedback.  Please keep coming back, as we’re loading up new, ground-breaking content almost daily at the moment- and tell all your friends.
Check it out here:


Join Joanna, Greg and the Team on Cruise 2009

For more information or to join Joanna on the cruise, please visit the special web page below:

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New Shift Speaker Training Blog Coming Soon!

Joanna Martin- Effective Presentation Trainer


I am uber-excited. Apparently that is Gen Y talk for very very very excited. I'm actually just about jumping out of my skin at the moment as I can't wait to tell you about something which is going to be so much fun for you and me, and every-one who gets their hands on it!  Eeek!

You see, Greg, Tamara, Vanessa, Jo and I have just spent a full day planning out something that is going to rock the public speaking world. To take boring presentations to effective presentations in a heartbeat!

I'm not sure whether you know this, but I'm working towards a new book and a TV show at the moment, and as part of that big picture we are re-branding everything from the "Secrets of Selling From Stage" (that you may be familiar with) to the "Shift Speaker Training" brand- (which you may not).

So get ready for a transformational journey over the next 3 weeks.  Heehee!

A Blog Dedicated to Effective Presentations and Speaker Training

In the next 3 weeks I am turning the focus on speaker training specifically.  And to do that I am launching a sister blog to this one.  This will become all about "Lifestyle Design- Business and Life on Purpose"  while all of the fabulous resources about how to make money from speaking will be found over on

Over the next 3 weeks (starting Tuesday)  I'm going to be releasing bucket loads of previously unseen content and speaker training and I'm giving it all away for nicks.  (That's street talk for nothing! ) Yup-  I'm on a mission to give you some of my best resources and training for nothing!

Free Public Speaking Training

We're going to be launching the new dedicated speaker training blog in a little under a week.  There's going to be so much happening- so much to learn, and the opportunity to kick your business into the stratosphere while we go! Especially if you are into making money form your speaking, delivering outstandingly effective presentations and rocking the worlds with your message.

Is that good enough reason to be excited?!

I'll update you again nest week so you're really on top of it all. So get ready to tell your friends.  You aren't going to believe what I'm going to be giving away!  Yeah!  GIVING AWAY!

Warmest regards,


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A Booming Success and a New Opportunity!

Last weekend saw myself and two Shift Speaker Training superstars MC-ing the Booming in the Bust event, run by Global1 Training out here in Australia. 

Our very own Platinum Million Dollar Masterclass Member, David Penglase hosted the Melbourne event; and Terriane Palmer, Secrets of Selling From Stage Member (our Silver Mentoring Program) hosted the Brisbane event while I headed up the team from Sydney.

For those of you who attended any of the events I'd love to hear your thoughts!

It was a great event in many ways.  For participants, it's been a long time since I've seen a multi-speaker event with such incredible quality content.  For me personally, I was able to connect with some inspiring people, and support some awesome speakers with their presentations.  We had a number of speakers at the event who had never closed a sale from stage before- but had been speaking and educating for many years.  So it really was an honour to help them tap into a new way of presenting their information and provide their audiences with "the next steps".  I won't share their names until I have their permission- but suffice to say I have been most humbled by the experience- and I'll keep you posted.


Perhaps the most awe-inspiring of the line up was David Bassau.  The founder of Opportunity International, this gentleman is a philanthropic force to be reckoned with.  Million Dollar Masterclass member, Tricia Jenkins, and I had the great pleasure of lunch with him, and I was blessed to be able to pick the brains of someone who not only built up his business and retired by age 35, but now, 30 years on is playing a level of game to which I can only dream of aspiring.  One of the most exciting projects is perhaps his joint venture with the North Korean government to provide finance to a communist state with previously no finance provision.  And here I was chatting to him over lunch!


It was a true pleasure to interview him for the audience at the event- and the learnings about entrepreneurialism and contribution were extraordinary. 

Here is a man who tells me his greatest fear is an idea.  Because as soon as he has one- he knows it will be done.  Imagine having that strength of conviction? 

I just arrived back in London after a whirl-wind trip back to Sydney for the event, but suffice to say it was well-worth the long plane trip to meet David, and I can't wait to get more involved with Opportunity International!

For more information on Opportunity International, please visit their website.

Love Jo

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