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Grow Your Business With The Power Of Asking

Do you want to grow your business? Would you like to improve your relationships with both your clients and work colleagues? You can easily and quickly grow your business with the simple act of asking.

As is often stated – ask and you shall receive – but when was the last time you asked for anything?

This simple act is often overlooked, simply because we worry that it will make us look weak, desperate or sets us up for rejection.

But the act of asking is such a powerful way to grow your business! It’s the art of knowing how and when to ask the right questions, to enable you to gather the right information to grow your business, expand your customer base and build your reputation.

So how can you use the power of asking in your business? Implement these five simple strategies into your work routines.

#1 Asking for information

Whether you are asking potential new clients what their current challenges are, or if you’re asking your business support group for advice on the best web designer – asking for information can help you move yourself and your business forward.

#2 Asking for the business

Your business will not grow if you cannot ask for the sale – quite simply, you’ll end up going out of business.

Asking for business isn’t about being pushy or confrontational, it can simply be a case of asking “would you like to give it a try?” or “let’s go for one month and see how well we get on.”

Find the most comfortable way for you... and just ask.

#3 Asking for testimonials

We often forget to ask our existing and past clients for their help. If you’ve done a good job or they have gotten good results from you, they’ll have no problem giving you a referral or testimonial.

#4 Asking for feedback

This is often left until after you have finished your webinar or talk... and frequently overlooked altogether.

The secret to asking for feedback is to ask during the customer experience.

Ask “How are we doing?” or “How can we improve this?” – “what do you like or dislike about x, y z?”

Survey your target audience and clients regularly to ensure you are fine-tuning your services and products and providing what is really needed.

#5 Ask for more business

Rather than go looking for new clients all the time, look at how you can provide more value to your existing ones.

It’s easier to sell to your existing clients... and you’re establishing yourself as person who offers great value and help, whilst ensuring your clients have access to some truly useful, amazing content.

Activating the power of asking is something that takes practice. It not only will enrich your business but is also something you can extend to your family and home life too... and you’ll be surprised at how soon you become an expert at asking... and how quickly you will see results!

How easy do you find it to ask for what you want in your business? Have you found a great way of using one of the strategies above?

If asking has been an issue for you, what one strategy will you be using to move yourself forward? Why not share your insights and advice in the comments box below.


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5 Ways my Baby Has Made Me Better at Business

It was 1 year ago that I was making the huge transition from pregnancy to motherhood.  After the cake eating frenzy of the 1st birthday party has died down, I thought it would be nice to reflect a little on what my little man has helped contribute to our lives.

Obviously… Greg and I are happier, more fulfilled and generally taking ourselves far less seriously than we ever did pre-kids.  If you’re a parent you know the “gift that cannot be named” that children bring. It’s just an extra dimension of yumminess in your life right?

But … We’ve also had far less sleep and done far less in our business than ever before!  Despite having less time than ever before, being a Mum has translated into really solid benefits for my business.  And it’s those that I wanted to share today.

I was preparing for an upcoming interview with Lisa Barnwell on “Bumps and the Boardroom: A global conversation on the Pregnancy Advantage for Business”.  As I did- it dawned on me that really, if you want to get ahead in business… you should have a baby! 

A paradox I know…but here’s my list of what being a Mum has opened up for me in my business. 

1. The Chill Factor:

Nothing gets to me anywhere near as much as it used to.  Seriously- when you’ve had a kid literally screaming for two hours straight and nothing you can do stops it.... it’s really hard to get too perturbed about that bitchy client.

2. A Passion for Prioritisation:

My ability to triage the important things in business has gone through the roof.   Granted not everyone agrees with my priorities, but they keep me true to myself, my son, my family and the direction I WANT for my business.

3. The Power of Focused Attention:

Being able to only work sometimes for 15 minutes at a time, squeezed in between Mummy activities has actually made me more fruitful than I’ve ever been in the past.  I seem to get so much more done in the few hours a week that I do work.  Honestly, I think I must have spent hours each day reorganizing pencils or something in the past.

4. Environmental Oblivion:

I used to need to have to have a fabulously neat and tidy space to work.  The office needed to be devoid of paper piles. It really helped if I knew the laundry was done!  But now... well... let’s just say we are about to move out of the house we moved into 16 months ago for the birth of James- and well, I didn’t have to pack too many boxes because some of them never got unpacked!!  There’s something about the mania of a house with kids in it that means if you don’t learn to be able to ignore the pigsty I think you would actually go insane.

5. Calling in Help:

I used to be someone that had to do everything myself.  Seriously- everything.  I had a good team and I was pretty good at delegating… but if I had the time I would have still done as much as I could.  During pregnancy I was so ill I was barely able to get out of bed most days.  This was a gift for business.  It really MADE me learn how to ask for help effectively, and how to be grateful for it when it’s given.  And now with my little man, I don’t want to spend every spare minute working on something I love… I want to spend lots of it with him.  So sharing the load has become a must do.  Indeed the next phase of business we’re entering we are going to have a lot of great people supporting us.  So I’m looking forward to becoming more of the visionary of the business, rather than the technician.

I guess that’s my top 5… but I’ll be going into more detail with Lisa later in June.  So come and join in the conversation with us and 11 other experts as Lisa Barnwell shines the light on the huge advantage being a Mum can have for business.

Bumps and the Boardroom

I’m intrigued to hear what you’ve found combining business and babies?  Mums and Dads… what have you discovered.  Please let me know in the comments!

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When Weakness Can Become Your Strength in Business

I know I don’t need to tell you – but it takes real strength to be an entrepreneur. To commit to showing up in your business on a daily basis, to push yourself forward towards your goal of running a successful business... to put yourself out there for the world to see who you are and what you do.

But when you step up and own who you are and what you do, you often feel vulnerable; worried that others may not understand you or your products and services. You open yourself to potential criticism and rejection.

You strive to appear skilled, polished and perfect and want to hide your imperfections... from others and from yourself.

If you’re an emotional person, this can be considered both a strength and a weakness. Being emotional can be a good thing; as it allows you to trust your instincts... but not so great if you allow only your emotions to drive your decision making.

Your ego may end up getting in the way, ensuring your business stays small, as you take advice and criticism to heart. If you’re emotional, learn to use your instincts in harmony with your logical thought patterns to ensure a better business decision.

Being a team player is another area that has both strength and weakness behind it. It’s great to be part of a team – they feel like family – however, are you so eager to keep everyone happy or please others that you end up letting good opportunities pass you by?

Learn to make decisions that are right for your business and remind yourself there will be times when you are going to have to fly solo.

You may be the type of person who’s totally organised. Your business runs almost perfectly and you know where everything is and what everyone is doing at any given time.

Being organised is certainly a strength but it can lead into a weakness if you get so preoccupied with everything that you can’t let go and switch off. This can lead to uncertainty, as you fear passing projects and control to another person.

Remind yourself – having a weakness doesn’t make you imperfect, it just means you’re human! Rather than hiding your imperfections, you need to face them, in order to allow your business to move forward.

Fully owning, not only what you do but who you are too,allows you to be honest with both yourself and others... and, quite often you will find weakness can also become strength, if you’re given the chance to examine and develop it.

When was the last time you stopped to examine your weaknesses? Have you discovered a hidden strength that helped you move your business forward? What one step will you take today to change your weakness into your strength? Use the comment box below to share your thoughts or declare your action step.

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Where’s Your Focus?

There will be times, both in your business and personal life, where you feel stuck. You may not know which route to follow or how to move forward. Maybe something you’ve been working on has not been as successful as you had hoped; or you consider it a success... but your customers aren’t interested.

If you’re stuck for answers or unsure of how to move forward, you can get clarity by asking yourself “where’s my focus?” Getting crystal clear on where your attention is going can benefit you hugely, in both your business and personal life, and I’ve given you some ideas here to get started.

Business focus

There are so many places in your business where you can ask yourself – “what am I focusing on?” If you’re struggling with any aspect of your business, it can quite often be solved, or the problem discovered, if you ask yourself what you are giving your attention to.


This can be a great starting point. Are you getting customers and/or sign ups? If not, look at your website pages and see whether they are focused on the right call to action... or if they even have a call to action.

Sales and marketing processes

When it comes to sales and marketing your focus needs to be on your customer... not you. What problems do your customers have, that you could help alleviate or solve with your product?

What keywords do your customers use when describing their situation and desired end result?

Really focusing on the needs and wants of your customer will really pay dividends, when it comes to your sales and marketing processes.

Creating content and products

Again, are you focusing on the customer... or are you trying to shoehorn them into a solution they don’t want?

Is your focus on how great a product you can create, or on what your customers are asking for?

Personal life focus

Are you aware of how great your life is? You have so many opportunities; you just need to be aware of them. So, are you focusing on the good or bad in your life?

What you have or don’t have? On the things you want... or don’t want? Are you grateful for what you have?

Your thoughts generally

Are you noticing what you do that’s great? Is your self talk motivating or de-motivating you? Are you even aware of what your self talk is saying... or are you scared to focus on what is going on in your head?

The people around you

Do you really pay attention to the people around you? Do you compliment them and offer praise, when it’s deserved? Are you listening to what they are saying, both with vocally and with their actions... or are you taking them for granted?

And now, over to you... how often do you stop to clarify where your focus is? Do you find it an essential part of your business strategy? If so, what focusing strategies have worked for you? Has changing your focus changed your personal life for the better? Please post your thoughts and strategies in a comment below.

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Do Work At Home Mums Need Childcare?

Work at home mums often have mixed feelings about whether, or not, to invest in childcare. Some see it as a positive investment... for both their business and for quality family time, whilst others see it as a wrong turn, a decision to put money before family.

The question is often raised once New Year resolutions for our business have been made, action plans drawn and we start focusing on how we are going to achieve our business goals for the year ahead.

Many people feel the childcare dilemma is an impossible one to make any good decision on. This can lead you to suffer from a lot of undue stress, guilt and pressure, as you juggle the roles of both mother and business woman.

After all, your main reason for deciding to be a work at home mum was to enable you to spend more time with your family, whilst saving unnecessary spending...right?

So is there a right answer to the question of childcare?

The childcare issue will always raise a heated debate, with strong feelings and opinions being raised on both sides. The main reasons a lot of mums put off making a decision on childcare, are:

  • Worry about being a bad mother
  • Worry about what others will think and say
  • Worry about putting business before family

It’s easy to forget that what’s so great about the time we now live in, is that we actually have choices! We have the freedom to work (and whether that’s from home, or not), the freedom to choose our own hours, and we have the freedom on how we choose to spend our money!

And the freedom to choose to spend more time with our bubbas... as I am now, with James.

The real question you should be asking ourselves is:

What is your definition of being a positive and nurturing mother?

Investing in childcare is a highly personal decision. It is dependent on your own unique answer to this question, along with your own thoughts around nurturing yourself... not only physically, but also financially and emotionally.

In short, the question of childcare doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all’ kind of answer, it is really what works for you; it’s about making a decision that is right for you. It is about ensuring you spend dedicated, quality time on YOU first and foremost, then your business and your family... to ensure they all can grow and flourish.

What are your thoughts on childcare? What solutions have you found work for you? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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